Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Message from the Superintendent December 14, 2016

School bond update:

Our school bond projects are all completed and we have $1.3 million dollars remaining. In 2012, Tidehaven ISD passed a $52 million dollar bond to build all new schools. Part of those plans were to build a new elementary school in both Markham and Blessing, to build a combined new junior high school and senior high school, to build a baseball/softball complex and finally to build a FEMA storm shelter that Tidehaven ISD would use for a varsity gymnasium.

Through the expert financial planning from the Tidehaven ISD Board of Trustees, the district finished those construction projects with $1.3 million dollars remaining in the bond fund. This was made possible after FEMA completed their portion of the reimbursement process.

Now the Tidehaven ISD School Board is now considering other capital improvement projects which would include: new construction, remodeling, demolition of old existing facilities, the purchase of new school buses or other capital projects for the district.

When we were having our town hall meetings in the spring of 2012, Tidehaven ISD pledged to the community that we would bring the projects to completion under budget and we have kept our word.

Because of the wise financial oversight of the Board of Trustees, now the district gains additional projects that need our attention.

For the kids,

Andrew Seigrist,
Superintendent of Schools, Tidehaven ISD