Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Message from the Superintendent October 2, 2018

October 2, 2018

Message from the Superintendent

School safety has been a topic of interest in the State of Texas for the last several months and social media has been buzzing over the same topic. Parents, students, and community members are right to be concerned with school safety. The safety and security of our students and staff are a foundational part of what we do at Tidehaven. We have built and fostered a culture of professional relationships with our students and parents on a level of trust and care.

In the last several weeks, schools in our geographic area have faced security issues on their campuses. Those school districts were tipped off by concerned students and parents who recognized and saw something that needed to be reported to school officials. Those school officials, in turn, moved quickly to secure the school, the students and staff.

A new development at Tidehaven ISD is LokDown, an app that is being placed on every employee's phone, as well as employee computer desktops. With this new app and software program, employees can send out a variety of alerts.
1) Lockdown is an immediate threat to the lives and safety of employees and students, 
2) Medical Alert is an alert that immediate medical assistance is needed, 
3) Special Alert to be used when something needs to be double checked. 
4) Evacuation is the final alert.

This new use of technology enables each employee and teacher to quickly alert the campus and administration to a threat and their status during the threat. This communication is immediate and updated in real time.

If you see something or hear something that you believe is a threat to the district, the campus, our students or staff, please contact the campus administration immediately. Tidehaven ISD will continue to foster a climate of safety and security for everyone.

For the kids,

Andrew Seigrist