Friday, November 6, 2020

 Tidehaven ISD

November 6, 2020

Welcome to the fall!

November is one of my favorite times of the year.  After coming through summer heat, it is so nice to have cooler nights and cooler days.  November brings football playoffs and I want to congratulate the Tidehaven Tiger football team and the entire coaching staff for making it to the playoffs again.  It is great to see the fans in the stadium supporting the football team, the cheerleaders and the band when so many students are engaged in one Friday night activity.

From time to time, Tidehaven publishes a "brag list" where all employees are encouraged to participate.  It is so easy to look around you and see the many great things that are happening.  We brag on employees, teams, clubs, organizations and students.

Tidehaven has returned to face-to-face instruction as of Monday, October 19, 2020.  It is so good to see all the students back at school again.  I remember vividly to March of 2020, Tidehaven was on spring break and we were anticipating coming back to school on Monday morning when Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the statewide closing of all public schools in order to combat the spread of Covid 19 and "flatten the curve."  We had no idea at the time that school would be closed for the remainder of the year and that we would not have our students with us for March, April and May.  Tidehaven began the school year with 30% of our students and families choosing online instruction.  By the time we made the decision to return to face to face, that number had dropped to 10%.  The disinfection program we have running in our school district has been quite successful and that is a compliment to every teacher, aide, custodian, maintenance, administrators, and just everyone who has helped us fight Covid 19.

The high school marching band is about to go to UIL Regional Marching Contest which was delayed a few weeks.  I know that the band directors, students and parents have been very busy working on this year's marching show music since two-a-days began in August.  Good luck to the marching band at contest.

The Ag and 4H students have started on their spring ag projects.  The pigs have arrived and are in the pig barn.  I really enjoying going to see them during the week.  I enjoy watching the process of the students learning responsibility and raising their ag projects to show in the spring.

November brings Thanksgiving and so we encourage you to enjoy this time with family and friends.  Enjoy your favorite desserts and even get a second helping because you deserve it!

For the kids,
Andrew Seigrist