Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Great things are happening at Tidehaven

 Great things are happening at Tidehaven ISD.

We are in the middle of the year and we are excited about where we are as a school district.  Students are taking their first benchmark exams and the results are encouraging.  Teachers, students and parents have been working hard on academics all year long and it feels so good to see positive results.  Teachers and administrators will use this data to develop tutorial sessions for all of our students where they need help.  We will take all students and lift them up to the next level.  Students who are below the mark will receive tutorials to lift them up to the Approaches level.  Students who are currently at Approaches will receive tutorials to lift them up the Exceeds level.  Students who are currently at Exceeds will receive tutorials to lift them up to the Masters level.  Everyone will receive some type of tutorial help.  Our motto at Tidehaven is everyone makes at least one year's worth of growth and no one goes backwards.  That is precisely why if your child scored at the Master's level last year, they will receive tutorials where needed, to lift them up for a solid year's worth of growth.

Tidehaven ISD campuses have the highest combined state test scores in Matagorda County.  At Tidehaven, we don't aim at the Approaches level of achievement, we aim at the Meets level of achievement.  Our Meets level scores either meet or far and above exceed the state average in Meets. 

The spring semester always comes in a blur.  Academics begin moving very quickly with the first academic benchmark test which is always one of the previous year's release STAAR/EOC exams.  Athletics begins moving quickly with basketball in district play, power lifting, spring track and field, baseball, softball and golf.  The annual spring county livestock show and fair is quickly approaching at the beginning of March.  Everyone is very busy putting final touches on livestock projects, activities and all else that goes with the spring county fair.

Every single day we receive phone calls asking how parents from other school districts can transfer their child to Tidehaven.  If you know of anyone wishing to transfer their child to Tidehaven, please have them call 979-843-4302 and request a transfer packet or simply go by one of the campuses and pick up a transfer packet.  Tidehaven reviews four requirements when looking at transfer requests; 1) state test scores, 2) grades, 3) discipline and 4) attendance.

Tidehaven is a very special place indeed.  Tidehaven has grown to approximately 1,000 students.  The highest enrollment Tidehaven has had in decades. Many great things are happening at Tidehaven and this is a very exciting time to be a Tidehaven Tiger.

For the kids,

Dr. Andrew Seigrist, Superintendent of Schools